Bob Bratina

Your member of parliament for

Hamilton East-Stoney Creek

Bob Bratina

Your member of parliament for

Hamilton East-Stoney Creek


MP Bob Bratina – A Year in Review!

As we near the end of another year, here are some highlights from what our government has been able to accomplish for Canadians in the last 12 months.

It was an honour to meet with our Prime Minister Justin Trudeau this month to talk about Hamilton East – Stoney Creek’s priorities. As your voice in Canada’s Government, I look forward to continuing to represent you and Hamilton East – Stoney Creek in Ottawa once again in the new year.


A Year to Remember

As always, one of my highlights of the year was my Constituency Youth Council’s annual Food Drive in support of the Hamilton Food Share. This year we were able to raise close to 10,000 pounds of food to help those in need in our city.

It was also great to hold a free community barbecue this summer at the Hamilton Beach Rescue Unit. Thank you so much to everyone who came out to the Rescue Unit to enjoy a burger with members of our community. I had a great time meeting with so many of you and hearing your thoughts and concerns.

As a proud Canadian, I had a great time celebrating 151st anniversary of Canada’s Confederation in Hamilton East – Stoney Creek and to hand out Canada flags at Lakepointe Park in Winona. And as a proud Croatian-Canadian, I  also enjoyed cheering on our team during their strong World Cup run this year!

Finally, as a member of Parliament’s Veterans Affairs Committee, I also appreciate taking the time to remember the men and women who gave their lives in service of this country. This summer I had the honour of travelling to France with the Minister of Veterans Affairs, 100 years after the First World War.


Another Year of Working for our Community

Real Policy Changes that Benefit Hamilton East – Stoney Creek

Our government’s top priority is to make smart and responsible investments to strengthen the middle class, grow the economy and prepare Canadians for the economy of tomorrow. In spite of the challenges countries around the world are facing, including US tariffs on steel and aluminum, Canada’s economy is witnessing record growth.

In the last three years, Canadians have created 800,000 jobs, with 90,000 full-time jobs created across Canada in November. Almost all the full-time jobs were created in the private sector. Canadians have created over 800,000 new jobs since November 2015. The unemployment rate is now down to 5.6%. That’s the lowest unemployment rate in over 40 years. With an unemployment rate of 4.7%, Hamilton in particular has one of the lowest unemployment rates in the country. Our median household income is now 10th in the country, higher than for cities like Toronto and Montreal.

One of the biggest issues I hear from constituents in Hamilton East – Stoney Creek is the need for our government to provide more support for seniors. As the cost of living increases and as rent prices continue to climb, the challenges seniors face are greater than ever. In less than 20 years, Canada’s seniors will represent almost a quarter of our population.  As our population continues to age, I will continue to advocate for seniors in our community.

Our Liberal government enhanced the Canada Pension Plan, lowered the age of eligibility for Old Age Security benefits from 67 to 65, and boosted the Guaranteed Income Supplement by nearly $1,000 a year for vulnerable seniors.

More than any other government in our history, our government is taking action to protect Canada’s environment. By investing in green technology, the environment and the economy can go together.

We’re putting a price on carbon in Canada and making polluters pay. This reduces pollution and gives the incentive to companies to innovate and create cleaner solutions. We are not, however, putting the burden on Canadians. Instead, families will receive a carbon rebate next year to make up for any excess costs that they may pay.

Our government is a string believer in supporting Canada’s middle class and people working hard to join it. That’s why we created the Canada Child Benefit, to provide more generous, tax-free benefits to families who need it.
This summer, we increased the CCB to keep up with the cost of living in Canada, two years faster than we had planned.

This increase means more money for families – up to $6,500 per child under age 6 – and it means people won’t lose out if the cost of living rises. The CCB works and it’s helping to lift almost 300,000 children out of poverty.

Having met with so many constituents who rely on the Canada Child Benefit to pay for their kids’ soccer registration, dance and music lessons, and school supplies, I know how important this benefit is. It’s unfortunate that the Conservative Opposition would take it away from thousands of families in Hamilton East – Stoney Creek.

Last, but certainly not least, is the support our government has been providing for Hamilton steel. As the Co-Chair of Parliament’s All-Party Parliamentary Steel Caucus, fighting for Canadian steel is an important part of the work I do.

For years, Hamilton elected third-party MPs who had little to no influence on the government and, as a result, Hamilton was left behind.

In November of this year I had the privilege of announcing an $18 million investment in Hamilton’s Port, on top of a $50 million investment our government made for modernization plans at ArcelorMittal Dofasco.

I will never stop fighting for the city I love.


Have Your Say!

I love hearing from my constituents. In order to get a good sense of how Hamiltonians feel about the direction our government is going in, please never hesitate to let me know how you feel.


Wishing you everyone in Hamilton East – Stoney Creek a very happy holidays and a very Merry Christmas! Have a great time celebrating with your family and friends.