Bob Bratina

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Hamilton East-Stoney Creek

Bob Bratina

Your member of parliament for

Hamilton East-Stoney Creek


Weekly Newsletter – September 28, 2018

It’s the end of the second sitting week of the House of Commons and our Government has had the chance to begin acting on many of the concerns that you have brought forward to me.

Here are some of the highlights from my past week in Ottawa.  If you have any questions, concerns, or ideas that you would like to bring to my attention, don’t hesitate to get in touch with me.

Welcome, Darija! 

My office recently welcomed a new intern, Darija, from Croatia!  I also had the honour of meeting with Croatia’s Ambassador to Canada, Her Excellency Marica Matković.  Wishing you all the best, Darija, during your time in Canada!

Gender Equality Week

This week marks Canada’s first ever Gender Equality Week and, fittingly, my first appearance as a member of the Standing Committee on the Status of Women!  I look forward to hearing more about the unique challenges women face and learning about how our Government can take meaningful action to ensure that everyone has a real shot at success.

Protecting our Environment

I have received a number of emails from constituents calling on our Government to do more to protect the environment and to fight against climate change.  As the first local MP to hold a town hall on clime change, the issue is especially important to me.

Here is some of the progress that our Government has been able to make on this file:

  • Progress towards meeting Canada’s Paris Emissions Targets
    • Canada remains committed to the Paris Climate Agreement and to meeting our emissions targets.
    • When our  government hosted the G7 summit this summer, we made clean growth and climate change a key focus.
    • Putting in place a strategy to have 90% of Canada’s energy come from non-emitting sources by 2030. This means abandoning coal-fired electricity, which some provinces are still dependent on.
    • Putting a price on carbon, while putting more money back in the pockets of Canadians through rebates to help them make the transition to a greener economy.
    • Investing in clean technology and innovation.
  • Protecting Canada’s coastlines through the Oceans Protection Plan.
    • Our Oceans Protection Plan is a $1.5 billion national strategy that will…
      • To create a marine safety system that improves responsible shipping, protects Canada’s waters, and strengthens response measures;
      • To restore and protect marine ecosystems and habitats.
      • To strengthen partnerships and launch co-management practices with Indigenous and coastal communities; and
      • To invest in oil spill cleanup methods and research.
  • Cleaning up Hamilton’s Randle Reef
    • Last summer, I had the honour of attending an important government announcement regarding the Randle Reef with our Minister of the Environment and Climate Change, Catherine McKenna, who is originally from Hamilton herself. To clean up the Randle Reef in our city`s harbour, which contains enough contaminated sediments to fill an NHL arena three times over, our government awarded the second phase of the clean-up project, which is scheduled to be completed in 2022.

Our government and I know that more still needs to be done and we will continue listening to scientists and experts about how to move forward to grow our economy and protect the environment at the same time. To make sure that we have all the knowledge necessary to take real action on the environment, our government appointed Dr. Mona Nemer as the Chief Science Advisor.  As our new Chief Science Advisor, Dr. Nemer will provide impartial scientific advice to the Prime Minister and the Minister of Science, so that our Government can make the best informed decisions about out health and environment, our climate, economy and communities.  

Celebrating CETA

Our Government recently celebrated a landmark trade agreement secured under our Liberal government: the first anniversary of the Canada-European Union Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement.  Exports from Canada to the EU have already increased by 3.1% – representing $1.1B – and that’s just the beginning! 

Since CETA came into effect, container traffic at the Hamilton Port Authority has gone up 20%, fueling job creation, competitiveness & investment here in Hamilton.    

Remembering Wing Commander Barney Rawson

This week I had the opportunity to speak to the House of Commons about Hamiltonian Barney Rawson, the youngest wing commander in the British Commonwealth during World War II.

Barney, as he was know, was an 18-year old McMaster student when he enlisted in the RCAF.  By April 1945, he had piloted bombers in 51 missions and earned two distinguished flying crosses, and yet, until recently, his grave was not marked by a military headstone.

Three months after returning home in 1945, at only 23 years old, Barney Rawson took his own life, two days before Christmas.  Did he die in the service of his country?  According to the Commonwealth War Graves Commission, he did.  As a result of its inquiry, on September 22, 2018, with surviving family and RCAF members looking on, a war graves headstone was unveiled in memory of wing commander B.F.N. Rawson.  Overhead was a fly past of an RCAF Globemaster and Hamilton’s restored Lancaster Bomber, the favourite aircraft of this great pilot and hero.

Barney Rawson, may you rest in peace.


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